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Rock ATV Suspension

Most Recent ATV Suspension Reviews

Rock Chromoly 4130 Wide A-Arm Kit Rock Chromoly 4130 Wide A-Arm Kit Markus97 - Beecher , IL Extremely un happy "I bought these A-arms for my 2018 raptor 700 and when receiving these arms and beginning to assemble them they did not thread the bottom A-arms correctly causing the wheel to camber when trying to install. So after spending the 280$ I had to go out of my way and spend more money at a machine shop to get them rethreaded correctly. I have also sent them emails and emails and weeks later still no response. Then I resorted to calling with them telling me that “yeah that doesn’t sound right” which is the reason why I was calling. I could have sent them back to them yes but going through the hassle of spending all this money and aggrivation I wasn’t taking the chances of them sending another bad product so I went out of my way fixed it myself, the right way. Hopefully I can get a discount on my next purchase but from the looking of it they’d rather send out bad parts and ignore their customers. Buy at your own risk people just make sure you have the right size tap around or you atv will be out of commission like mine was. Not a happy camper!"
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Rock Swingarm Skid Plate Rock Swingarm Skid Plate Kbh34 "DO NOT....I REPEAT SO NOT BUY THIS SKID PLATE.....One day on the trail in Wyoming and this plate is bent"
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