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Sato Racing Adjustable Rearsets
Sato Racing Adjustable Rearsets

$265.00 - $980.00
4.50 5 4
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Item #SCG0001

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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
2 years 11 months ago
5 out of 5 stars

Great rearsets. Installation instructions blow, but easy to figure out.


Verified Purchaser
Over 3 years ago
3 out of 5 stars

Overall the construction and quality of the part was great. However I ordered gold and the actual color was a dark orange. This did not match my forks or brake components as I expected.


Verified Purchaser
Over 6 years ago Pacifica, CA, USA
5 out of 5 stars
Best rearsets around!

I admit, these are pretty pricey. But there is good reason! The quality that you find in Sato products can not be replicated.

They do have almost full use of the adjustable plates, other than the brake side not being able to go up 1 more setting because of the master cylinder hitting the subframe. That might bother some, but I don't want to go up any higher since I already have them high enough with more than enough ground clearance.

Only bad thing is maybe when it comes to replacement parts. They are not as readily available as Woodcrafts or Vortex.


Over 7 years ago SoCal
5 out of 5 stars
OEM Replacement Rear Sets

These things are to die for and look great. Gives the bike an italian feature. Purchased the silver that look great on the black frame. Minimum instructions as the items will come from Japan (wrapped in Japanese newspaper), however, the illustrated picture works if you are patient. During instal, think outside the box as the solutions are not based on what you took off. Keep all hardware as some will be used for install.

5 Questions

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Question asked by roach

Question: I just need one side
Question asked Over 5 years ago
i have a 2006 kawasaki 636 and i have the brake side rearset in gold and i just wanted to see if i can get the shifter side only? what other accessories do you guy have for my bike too?
Question answered by MotoSportRyanT
User's contributor status: Expert MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 5 years ago
Answer: These rear sets would only be sold in pairs for both sides of the bike. All the aftermarket rear sets we have for your bike are sold in pairs. For the OEM replacement for the shifter side rear set I would recommend looking under the OEM parts finder for your bike. Here is a link to the OEM Diagrams that would show that rear set: http://www.motosport.com/motorcycle/oem-parts/KAWASAKI/2006/NINJA-ZX_6R-_-636/FRAME-FITTINGS

Question asked by steve080

User's contributor status: Verified Purchaser
Question: Oem rear break light switch
Question asked Over 5 years ago
do the sato rear sets work with the oem rear break light switch? (i.e. are these completely drop in no other parts needed) i have heard that some other brands like vortex you need to replace the stock switch with another type.
Question answered by MotoSportRyanT
User's contributor status: Expert MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 5 years ago
Answer: Because these are "Race" rearsets they will not have anywhere to attach a mechanical rear brake light switch like most OEM manufacturers use. You would need to replace the mechanical switch with a Hydraulic brake light switch that would replace the Banjo bolt that connects the rear brake line to the rear brake master cylinder.

Question asked by Floggedmollie

Question: Is the toe peg placement adjustable?
Question asked Over 6 years ago
The image appears as though there are 3 possible positions for the toe peg distance from for peg, I have a smaller foot and have been looking for a rearset that allows for this adjustment.
Question answered by MotoSportRyanT
User's contributor status: Expert MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 6 years ago
Answer: Yes, on these there will be adjustments for the small toe peg at the ends of the controls. These rear sets have multiple adjustments that should allow you to customize them to your personal needs. I would also recommend looking more into these on Sato Racing's website: http://www.satoracing.com/rearsets03r6.htm

Question asked by Dimmy

Question: Do i have to order special parts to have the shifting reversed?
Question asked Over 6 years ago
does this connect to the rear brake light?
Question answered by MotoSportExpert
User's contributor status: MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 6 years ago
Answer: This rear set will include the brake light switch. This is also standard or reverse shift capable and can be easily switched to a reverse shifting pattern by rotating the change arm. No special, or additional parts are required to reverse the shift pattern.

Question asked by Lyonnais

Question: Hello: how is the adjustability (horizontal/vertical), compared to the OEM equipment? Range (mm).
Question asked Over 6 years ago
Question answered by MotoSportExpert
User's contributor status: MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 6 years ago
Answer: These rear sets offer 4 possible positions of adjustment; Maximum 35 mm Back ( horizontal) and up to 20 mm Up (vertical)


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# Part Numbers

Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Black / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX609RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift / Standard Version KTM-RC8RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift KTM-690RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift KTM-990RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift MV-BRURS2-BK
Black / GP Shift MV-F410RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift MV-F410RS-BK
Black / GP Shift MV-F4RSR2-BK
Black / Standard Shift MV-F4RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-KINGRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSXRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX105RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX107RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX109RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX606RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift S-GSXRS-BK
Black / GP Shift S-GSX1308RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift S-GSX1308RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift T-675RS-BK
Black / Standard T-595RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift Y-FZ106RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-VMAX09RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-R102RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-R104RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-R107RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-R109RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-R603RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift A-RSV04RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift A-RSV4RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift BMW-K12RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift BMW-K13RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-1098RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-1198RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-916RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-999RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-848RS2-BK
Black / Standard Shift D-DLRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-MULTIRS-BK
Black / Standard Shift D-MH9RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-M1100RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-M69610RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift D-S4RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-STRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-919RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR109RSA-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR1RS2-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR108RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift H-C250RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR609RSA-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR6RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR609RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-954RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift H-RC51RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift H-VFR8RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift K-650RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-250RS-BK
Black / GP Shift K-ZX1010RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-Z1010RS-BK
Black / Standard K-N1000RS-BK
Black / GP Shift K-ZX106RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-ZX106RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX108RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-ZX1011RS-BK
Black / GP Shift K-ZX14RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-ZX14RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift A-RSV411RS-BK
Black / GP Shift A-RSV413RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift A-RSV413RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift A-V4RRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift / ABS BMW-S1RSA-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-M1100ERS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift D-M796RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CB1000RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift H-CBR513RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR613RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift HD-SSTR14RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift HD-SSTRRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift HD-XR1209RS-BK
Black / GP Shift H-GROMRS-BK
Black / GP Shift H-VFR8RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-25013RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-65012RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift KTM-1290RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift KTM-69012RS-BK
Black / GP Shift K-ZX1412RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-ZX1412RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-ZX613RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift MV-BRU13RS-BK
Black / Quick Shift MV-F312RSQ-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift MV-F312RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX611RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift T-67511RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift T-67513RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift T-BONRS-BK
Black / Standard Shift T-ST11RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-MT09RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift BMW-R12RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift BMW-R9TRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift BMW-S1000RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift BMW-S115RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift D-SCRAMRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift H-650RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift H-VFR814RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift Quick Shifter Compatible H-VFR814RSQ-BK
Black / Standard Shift K-H2RS-BK
Black / Reverse Shift K-H2RSR-BK
Black / Reverse Shift K-N1000RSR-BK
Black / Standard Shift KTM-RC390RS-BK
Black / Reverse Shift KTM-RC390RSR-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift MV-DRAGRS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-B1250RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSR750RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX1314RS-BK
Black / Standard Shift S-S1000RS-BK
Black / Reverse Shift S-S1000RSR-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-MT07RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-R115RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift Y-R3RS-BK
Black / Standard/GP Shift T-ST67513RS-BK
Black / GP Shift H-GROM16RS-BK
Black / Standard K-ZX1016RS-BK
Black / GP Shift K-ZX1016RSR-BK
Gold / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX609RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift / Standard Version KTM-RC8RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift KTM-690RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift KTM-990RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift MV-BRURS2-GD
Gold / GP Shift MV-F410RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift MV-F410RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift MV-F4RSR2-GD
Gold / Standard Shift MV-F4RS2-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-KINGRS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSXRS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX105RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX107RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX109RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX606RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift S-GSXRS-GD
Gold / GP Shift S-GSX1308RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift S-GSX1308RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift Y-FZ106RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift Y-FZ106RS2-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-VMAX09RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-R104RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-R107RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-R109RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-R603RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-R606RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift A-RSV04RS2-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift A-RSV4RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift BMW-K12RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift BMW-K13RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift / Non-ABS BMW-S1RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-1098RS2-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-916RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-999RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-848RS2-GD
Gold / Standard Shift D-DLRS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-MULTIRS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift D-MH9RS2-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-M1100RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-M69610RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift D-S4RS2-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-STRS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR109RSA-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR1RS2-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR108RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift H-C250RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR609RSA-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR6RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR609RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-954RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift H-RC51RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift H-VFR8RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift K-650RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-250RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift K-ZX1010RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-Z1010RS-GD
Gold / Standard K-N1000RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift K-ZX106RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-ZX106RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX108RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-ZX1011RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift K-ZX14RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-ZX14RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX605RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift A-RSV411RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift A-RSV413RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift A-RSV413RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift A-V4RRS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift / ABS BMW-S1RSA-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-M1100ERS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift D-M796RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CB1000RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift H-CBR513RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR613RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift H-GROMRS-GD
Gold / GP Shift H-VFR8RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-25013RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-65012RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift KTM-1290RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift KTM-69012RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift K-ZX1412RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-ZX1412RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-ZX613RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift MV-BRU13RS-GD
Gold / Quick Shift MV-F312RSQ-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift MV-F312RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX611RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift T-67511RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift T-67513RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift T-ST11RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-MT09RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift BMW-R12RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift BMW-S1000RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift BMW-S115RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift D-SCRAMRS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift H-650RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift H-VFR814RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift Quick Shifter Compatible H-VFR814RSQ-GD
Gold / Standard Shift K-H2RS-GD
Gold / Reverse Shift K-H2RSR-GD
Gold / Standard Shift KTM-RC390RS-GD
Gold / Reverse Shift KTM-RC390RSR-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift MV-DRAGRS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-B1250RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSR750RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX1314RS-GD
Gold / Standard Shift S-S1000RS-GD
Gold / Reverse Shift S-S1000RSR-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-MT07RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-R115RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift Y-R3RS-GD
Gold / Standard/GP Shift T-ST67513RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift H-GROM16RS-GD
Gold / Standard K-ZX1016RS-GD
Gold / GP Shift K-ZX1016RSR-GD
Silver / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX609RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift / Standard Version KTM-RC8RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift KTM-690RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift KTM-990RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift MV-BRURS2-SV
Silver / GP Shift MV-F410RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift MV-F410RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift MV-F4RSR2-SV
Silver / Standard Shift MV-F4RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-KINGRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-GSXRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX105RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX107RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX109RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX606RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift S-GSXRS-SV
Silver / GP Shift S-GSX1308RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift S-GSX1308RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift T-675RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift Y-FZ106RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift Y-FZ106RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-VMAX09RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-R104RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-R107RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-R109RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-R603RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-R606RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift A-RSV04RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift A-RSV4RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift BMW-K12RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift BMW-K13RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift / Non-ABS BMW-S1RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-1098RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-1198RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-916RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-999RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-848RS2-SV
Silver / Standard Shift D-DLRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-MULTIRS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift D-MH9RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-M1100RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-M69610RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift D-S4RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-STRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-919RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR109RSA-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR1RS2-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR108RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift H-C250RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR609RSA-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR6RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR609RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-954RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift H-RC51RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift H-VFR8RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift K-650RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-250RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift K-ZX1010RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-Z1010RS-SV
Silver / Standard K-N1000RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift K-ZX106RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-ZX106RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX108RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-ZX1011RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift K-ZX14RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-ZX14RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift K-ZX605RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift A-125RSR-SV
Silver / GP Shift A-125RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift A-RSV411RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift A-RSV413RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift A-RSV413RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift A-V4RRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift / ABS BMW-S1RSA-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-M1100ERS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift D-M796RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CB1000RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift H-CBR513RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-CBR613RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift HD-SSTR14RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift HD-SSTRRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift HD-XR1209RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift H-NC700RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift H-VFR8RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-25013RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-65012RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift KTM-1290RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift KTM-69012RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift K-ZX1412RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-ZX1412RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift K-ZX613RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift MV-BRU13RS-SV
Silver / Quick Shift MV-F312RSQ-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift MV-F312RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-GSX611RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift T-67511RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift T-67513RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift T-BONRS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift BMW-R12RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift BMW-R9TRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift BMW-S1000RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift BMW-S115RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift D-SCRAMRS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift H-650RS-SV
Silver / Standard Shift Quick Shifter Compatible H-VFR814RSQ-SV
Silver / Standard Shift H-VFR814RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-B1250RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift S-GSR750RS-SV
Silver / Reverse Shift S-S1000RSR-SV
Silver / Standard Shift S-S1000RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-MT07RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift Y-R115RS-SV
Silver / Standard/GP Shift T-ST67513RS-SV
Silver / Standard K-ZX1016RS-SV
Silver / GP Shift K-ZX1016RSR-SV