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Driven Front Brake Line Kit Driven Front Brake Line Kit smokeyjay - "This combined with a rebuild of my master cylinder with the addition of motul racing brake fluid and Honda's always on top brake pads made my bike more controllable and gave better feel entering rough corners. I also noticed better feel while dragging through the ruts. The only down side I noticed is that because it is more rigid overall, it rubs the fender slightly when the suspension compresses. But most people put new plastics on at least once per year. I can see past that."
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Driven Rear Brake Line Kit Driven Rear Brake Line Kit smokeyjay - driven (galfer) rear braided brake line "Rear brake felt spongey on my 02 cr250. Given the age of this bike and knowing there is hardly any extra brake fluid in the rear system, I replaced the oem line with this and added motul racing brake fluid. These two items were an improvement. Less noticeable fade and more solid feel. Its hard to beat Honda brakes but my system was worn out. Couldn't say much for durability since I've only ridden 4 times but its holding up and no leaks"
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