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Hammerhead Forged Shift Lever Hammerhead Forged Shift Lever Trae - Shifter "I think it has a better feel than the stock shifter and looks a lot better too"
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Motion Pro Forged Shorty Clutch Lever Motion Pro Forged Shorty Clutch Lever SallenOlliday - Waynesville, MO 65583, USA Great Replacement for OEM "Shorty levers are the perfect length for the bark busters I run on my KTM. No complaints about this product."
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Riding a Motorcycle

It's all about the controls. Brake, clutch, the gas, or as we prefer, the throttle. Plus you have to hang on but that's a different department. Find most of what allows you to operate your motorcycle on the handlebars and since your hands control 90 percent of your bike make it easy on yourself and enjoy the ride.

If routine adjustments fail to work, maybe it's time to upgrade the levers, grips and even the foot controls to adapt to your personal configurations. We carry a variety of styles with a number of features that suit individual preferences and riding style. If you head out for long hours or spend the weekends at the track even the slightest discomfort builds into something unmanageable. We want you to look forward to the next ride, not find it a hassle.

MotoSport stocks a wide selection of motorcycle controls and accessories that not only make your ride more enjoyable but allows you to fully customize your bike. You just might have a hard time choosing between the various foot pegs, brake and clutch levers, and mirrors we offer. But that's a good thing. We have something for everybody. We've also got some of the coolest kickstands available.

If fatigue sets in quickly after setting out, you can't get comfortable or you simply want to personalize your motorcycle check out all the various controls and additional attachments available. With what we offer you could carry out a complete makeover of your ride! Give us a call at 866-677-7338 or use the Live Chat with any questions.