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Driven Blade Oversize Floating Front Brake Rotor Driven Blade Oversize Floating Front Brake Rotor motocross24 - East Texas, USA Easy to install, but... "2014 YZ 250F. Installation was easy, but when it came time to put on the new EBC brake pads...that's where the trouble started. After the 3rd time of making sure the calipers were pushed in as far as they could go, we got the belt sander and ground down the EBC pads till they fit. We were measuring the pads while grinding to make sure they were the same thickness on the ends and in the middle. We measured the rotor and it was a few thousandths of an inch thicker than the OEM. My son has about 50 hours of riding and racing on this rotor with no complaints on performance and he said that it definitely has more pucker power than the OEM."
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EBC Polished Stainless Steel Custom Rotor - Front EBC Polished Stainless Steel Custom Rotor - Front RED123456789 - Houston, TX, USA Peformance & Style "I have the gold/(reg. color). before I knew you could buy them already polished. I polished mine took some hours. and if you want to get all the floater you have to take the rotor apart which is more time. and replacing the lock rings. better to buy them polished out . performance is great. I HIGHLY recommended them. With upgraded rotors. you know you need to run higher grade pads... and when you start getting into your brake system that far. you might as well upgrade your cables to Galfer while your at it."
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Our selection of motorcycle brakes covers every aspect of riding from the weekend countryside tours to the commuter who battles stop-and-go traffic on the way to work and on the way home. We also have everything required to perform a simple brake pad replacement or a full system redo complete with new lines and master cylinders.

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