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EBC MX-S Brake Pads EBC MX-S Brake Pads mxkx250 - Orlando, FL, USA Great all around. "I haven't used these enough to know how well they wear in, but they stop great. I don't mind a pad wearing out fast, at least I know they are working well and doing their job. I have used the red pads (I think X pads) from EBC for years but switched to these because they come with a new pad retaining pin. I like the color of these pads a lot, it adds a little bling. EBC makes a great product. I use their pads on my car as well."
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EBC HH Brake Pads EBC HH Brake Pads Deac - Miami, FL, USA EBC HH Brake Pads "I only use EBS brake pads on all my bikes. Love the style, durability of them and price. Riding a sport bike or a beast like the M109R Boulevard you have to have brakes that will slow you down. I've never been dissapointed."
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