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Hammerhead Rear Brake Clevis Hammerhead Rear Brake Clevis Danomite - PA Hammerhead rear brake clevis "I have a 1990 YZ 250 which is older than hammer head lists as available. When I received the rear brake clevis, all I had to do, was drill out the threaded part a little bit bigger and then run a 8mm tap through it so that it works for my application. Simple and it looks and functions great."
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Warp 9 Billet Brake Pedal With Flex Tip Warp 9 Billet Brake Pedal With Flex Tip Shuddles - Portland, OR, USA Great Brake Pedal replacement for OEM "Purchased this after I bent my KTM original equipment brake pedal. Very easy to install, just unscrew a couple bolts from the existing lever and reverse the process to put the new pedal on. The Warp 9 Brake Pedal looks good and has good cleats the foot to make contact and apply pressure. Havn't had to take advantage of the tip flex, but I am sure I will at some point which is why I ordered a replacement to begin with."
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