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Pro-Bolt Aluminum Ducati Windscreen Screw Kit Pro-Bolt Aluminum Ducati Windscreen Screw Kit Rico - Wind screen replacement bolts "The part was an exact fit! The price is right! Customer service was great!!!"
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KTM PowerParts Handguards - High KTM PowerParts Handguards - High BobF - Chico, CA Great hand and lever protection m "Great protection for hands and levers in hard riding. They fit and look great on the bike. Caution: My '16 300XCW came with KTM hand guards, apparently installed by the dealer, that attached only at the lever bolt. If your bike has these and your dealer did not include the original bolts and rubber covers where the clutch and brake levers connect to the bars, hold on tight. You'll need to use them and the replacement cost for OEM parts is around $50.00!"
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A windscreen of any other name...

Are all windscreens the same? What's the point of replacing yours? Well, first and foremost, it's the look! We carry windscreens from brands like Puig and Zero Gravity in all sorts of colors from tinted to bright yellow and everything in between, even chrome! These windscreens are made of a thicker, high impact acrylic that actually absorbs vibration at high speed, due mainly to them being developed in a wind tunnel. There are a few choices in motorcycle windscreen shapes as well. You can choose a stock replacement if you just want to change the color. Or you can try out the "double bubble" style, which is engineered to deflect wind over you more than a stock item will, giving you a more comfortable, quieter ride. There's also the extra-tall "touring" screen for touring and adventure bikes that raises the height of your windshield considerably to make riding upright more comfortable on long trips. No one likes fighting buffeting wind for 300 miles, it's a literal pain in the neck.

Hardware galore.

You'll also want a windscreen mount kit to go along with your new motorcycle windscreen. We have a great selection from standard black bolts, to bolt kits anodized in a color that'll match your bike.