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Ryder Clips Rubber Shift Sock Ryder Clips Rubber Shift Sock quadracer373 - Morgantown, WV, USA serves its purpose "these shiftier boots work well on most stock shiftier's. I had problems getting them to fit after market shiftier's. Other than the fitment issue- they work great especially in wet conditions."
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IMS Super Stock Footpegs IMS Super Stock Footpegs Dirtbike55 - Oklahoma City, OK, USA Needed modification "They are quality footpegs but needed some extensive modification to fit my 1993 CR500. The description included the 1993 but the angle on the back plates did not match the stock angle on the frame of the bike or the original pegs at all. I had to grind nearly a quarter of an inch off and change the angle for them to fit. There was enough metal there to do it and I am confident it should be strong enough to work. Just did not anticipate doing my own fabrication."
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