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Pinlock Ear Plug Set Pinlock Ear Plug Set GLCSD - San Diego, CA, USA Plugs work but are they better than foam plugs? "I purchased these and tried them on my two motorcycles; 2014 BMW S1000r and MV Agusta Brutale 800. The plugs come with two different bodies and one set of red noise filters. My own ear seems to fit the smaller of the two sizes and it was easy to put the small red filters into place. The ear plugs have a nice shape to allow them to be placed into your ear canal. They will stay in place which is a nice feature as I've had too many ear plugs try to migrate out of the ear canal and fall out. I have a quandary with these plugs. Compared to the normal throw away foam plugs they are louder. However the literature states that they filter the harmful noise out most efficiently and allow the road noise that you want to hear past the filters....maybe that is what is going on and I just need to get used to it?"
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Pinlock Ear Plug Set Pinlock Ear Plug Set Muddyroy - Grandview, Wa. Good Ear Protection! "I bought a set of "No Noise" ear plugs and although they do a good job, they are hard to get in all the way and are a pain to get out. And, they must be put way in to do a good job of cutting the wind noise.. The Pinlocks are easier to get out and seem to cut the wind noise a little better. The helmets I wear are a Shoei Qwest and a Shoei Neotec. I bought the Qwest because it was advertised as the quietest helmet of all at the time but it didn't seem any quieter than my HJC FS-15..."
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