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FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe KTMSquid - Awesome "Makes the KTM250sx like a tractor when paired with the mild PV Spring. The thing lugs without losing the quick power available on a two smoker. Better low end, mid, And top remained about the same. Finish is durable, and the thicker steel makes for a better pipe. Took a digger that would've put a huge dent in the stocker, and I'm left with a small (dime sized instead of fist sized) ding. Seals up better than the stocker. Only issue was having to zip tie the rubber sleeve between pipe and silencer. The fit was either just a little looser, or the sleeve got stretched putting the new pipe on/old pipe off."
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FMF Powercore 2 Shorty Silencer - 2-Stroke FMF Powercore 2 Shorty Silencer - 2-Stroke Cody1marcus - Coeur d'Alene, ID, USA FMF shorty... Awesome "This made my bike. anew bike combined with gold series fatty the bike looks great and I can tell already this was a great investment forwards a racing cuter or riding in general the sound is the best , in stead of stock sounding like a Tin can with bolts in it now it sounds like a real bike great product buy you will be happy."
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