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Bassani Xhaust Road Rage Exhaust
Bassani Xhaust Road Rage Exhaust

$868.95 - $1499.95

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  • Product Details

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black 1F58RB, 1S81RB, 1S92RB, 8H18SB
    Black / High Horsepower 1F78TB
    Black / Long 1D28RB, FLH-737B, 13121J, 12121J
    Black / Short 1V22JB, 12122J
    Black / Short Upswept 14122J, 14222J
    Black / Short Upswept Not Stepped With Forward/Mid Controls 1D5250B
    Black / Short Upswept With Forward/Mid Controls 13122J
    Black / Short With Floorboards 1FXRFB
    Black / Short With Forward/Mid Controls 1X22RB
    Black / Short Without Floorboards 1FXR2B
    Black / Show 1S32RB
    Black/49 State 1S72RBE, 1S81RBE
    Black/4in. Megaphone 1F51RB
    Black/Hot Rod Turnout/Mid-Length 1F68B, 1F88B
    Black/Long Header 1S62RB
    Black/Mid-Length 1F62B, 1F72B
    Black/Ripper 1D5B, 1D6B
    Black/Short 1F42RB, 1F52RB
    Black/Short Header 1S94RB
    Black/Short/Ripper 1S73B, 1S74B
    Chrome 1S72R, 1S81R, 1S94R, 1X52R, 8H18S
    Chrome / High Horsepower 1F78T
    Chrome / Long FLH-737, 1D28R, 13111J, 14111J, 12111J
    Chrome / Long With Black Billet Reverse Cone End Cap With Machined Flutes 13311R
    Chrome / Short 12112J
    Chrome / Short Upswept 14112J, 14212J
    Chrome / Short Upswept Not Stepped With Forward/Mid Controls 1D5250
    Chrome / Short Upswept With Forward/Mid Controls 13112J
    Chrome / Short With Floorboards 1FXRF
    Chrome / Short With Forward Controls 1V12J
    Chrome / Short With Forward/Mid Controls 1X22R
    Chrome / Short Without Floorboards 1FXR2
    Chrome / Show 1S32R
    Chrome/49 State 1S72RE, 1S81RE
    Chrome/4in. Megaphone 1F51R
    Chrome/Hot Rod Turnout/Mid-Length 1F68C, 1F88C
    Chrome/Long Header 1S62R, 1S92R
    Chrome/Mid-Length 1F62C, 1F72C
    Chrome/Ripper 1D5C, 1D6C
    Chrome/Short 1F42R, 1F52R
    Chrome/Short/Ripper 1S73
    Stainless Steel 1S92SS
    Stainless Steel/Greg Lutzka LE 1D2SSL
    Stainless/49 State 1S72SSE, 1S81SSE
    Stainless/High Horsepower 1D3SS, 1FXR2SS
    Stainless/Ripper 1D5SS, 1D6SS
    Stainless/Ripper/Super Bike 1D8SS, 1D7SS
    Stainless/Short 1F42SS, 1F52SS
    Stainless/Short/Ripper 1S74SS
    Stainless/Super Bike 1D4SS, 1F61SS, 1F62SS, 8H12SS
    Stainless/Super Bike Muffler 1S78SS