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Kenda Bearclaw Front / Rear Tire Kenda Bearclaw Front / Rear Tire Andy - Yuma, AZ, USA Excellent tire "This is the second set of these tires I buy. They have great traction in sand and mud. Love them."
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Artrax TG4 Rear Tire Artrax TG4 Rear Tire Clayton - Missouri Very good tire "Tore held up good very thick side walls nice tread pattern"
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Dirt Bike Tires at MotoSport

Dirt bike riders are a finicky bunch and for good reason. A dirt bike is an extension of who you are and only the best parts should make the grade. Dirt bike tires are one of the most often replaced parts on a bike and every rider knows just any old tire won't do.

The dirt bike tire is the lifeline between the bike and the ground. Buying the right dirt bike tires could spell the difference from washing out on a muddy turn or speeding past a competitor. Dirt bike tires are not all the same and that also pertains to the front versus the rear tire.

MotoSport understands the need for dirt bike tires. That's why we carry so many. Choose from front and rear tires as well as combos and Dual-Sport DOT tires. We have every size imaginable from the most trusted brands in dirt bike tires:

  • Artrax
  • Bridgestone
  • Cheng Shin
  • Dunlop
  • Kings
  • Maxxis
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli

In addition to our wide selection of dirt bike tires, we also carry inner tubes and all the tools needed to fix or replace damaged or worn tires. It's really up to you when it's time to replace the tires on your dirt bike. Some riders try and get the most out of their tires and wear them down, others like to get a fresh pair once the square grip knobs show any sign of rounding. Whatever keeps you going we have the dirt bike tires you need to stay upright.

MotoSport's catalog of dirt bike tires is extensive. What else would you expect from MotoSport? We feature 31 tire combos, 83 front tires, 187 rear tires and 61 Dual-Sport DOT tires. Unlike cars, dirt bike tires are not interchangeable therefore we make it easy for you to buy the correct front and rear tires for your bike. MotoSport also makes it easy to find the size you need too.

We feature one of the largest selections of dirt bike tires on the web. We have a 90-day return policy. If you need help call our toll free line 866-677-7338, chat with an expert or check out our Dirt Bike Tire Buying Guide.

MotoSport offers fast, free shipping on orders over $79.