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Driven Rear Brake Line Kit Driven Rear Brake Line Kit smokeyjay - driven (galfer) rear braided brake line "Rear brake felt spongey on my 02 cr250. Given the age of this bike and knowing there is hardly any extra brake fluid in the rear system, I replaced the oem line with this and added motul racing brake fluid. These two items were an improvement. Less noticeable fade and more solid feel. Its hard to beat Honda brakes but my system was worn out. Couldn't say much for durability since I've only ridden 4 times but its holding up and no leaks"
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Galfer G1054 Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Galfer G1054 Semi-Metallic Brake Pads CaliGixxer - Excellent Rear Pad "Replaced my rear EBC's with these and I'm very satisfied. I run RJL's in the front for good stopping power and I run these galfers in the rear to get a progressive feel and honest feedback. These brake pads are versatile and excellent for street :)"
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Say goodbye to spongy brakes.

Are your dirt bike brakes not cutting it any more? Are they getting tired, making noise, or just not working at all? MotoSport is here to help with a huge selection of replacement dirt bike brake components and upgrades. Starting off, our dirt bike brake pads section has all the pad options you need, from the stock braking of the Renthal Brake Pads all the way up to the race-spec EBC "X" Series Carbon brake pads, made for the most hardcore enduro riders that demand pads with little to no fade. If you're looking to replace or upgrade your dirt bike brake rotors, MotoSport carries a great selection of rotors to choose from. If you're jsut replacing your old, worn out rotor, take a look at the selection of Galfer brake Rotors and Driven brake rotors. Would you like to upgrade to a bigger front disc? Check out the kits from EBC and Brembo Brakes! By increasing the size of your rotors, you're also increasing the swept area that the pad passes over, dramatically increasing brake feel, while dissipating heat better, leading to far less brake fade in more demanding riding conditions.

Get rid of those flexy rubber brake lines!

Your bike's stock brake lines, in most cases, are made of a high-density rubber that has an inherent amount of flex even when they're new, but they rapidly degrade over time. Did you know that most manufacturers recommend replacing all your dirt bike brake lines every five years? Not many people do, but if they knew what a huge difference new lines made, they would pay more attention. At MotoSport, we carry brake lines made out of braided stainless steel, which won't expand under braking like the OEM lines will, plus they last many years longer than stock rubber lines. Find your bike in the ride selector tool, then check out our brake line kits from Galfer and Ride Engineering!