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Spider Grips ATV Grips - Thumb Throttle Spider Grips ATV Grips - Thumb Throttle Jericho - Good "Have good grip but not the softest."
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Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip - Twist Throttle Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip - Twist Throttle Teamblue - Prattville, AL Best grips! "I had read a lot of reviews on the normal pillow top grips and decided to give them a try, I have pretty large hands and do a lot of off road/endure stuff so I thought they would be great. The issues I found were that they were too big and fat and after hours of riding my hands would hurt a good bit, I used them for 3 months riding once-twice a week on long rides and couldn't stand it anymore. I got the pillow top lite grips and it was such a huge difference right off the start I hated myself for not getting them on sooner, for me they feel perfect, and are just as grippy as the normal pillow tops but much more comfortable. I strongly suggest these to anyone who likes a lower to mid profile grip."
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Dirt Bike Handlebars and Controls

The handlebars probably represent the most personal feature to your dirt bike. Handlebars give you total command - it's where you feel the ride and feel everything else. Additionally, all the controls necessary to ride, mount on the bars, so finding the right touch is crucial to endurance.

Dirt bike handlebars come in two sizes: the traditional 7/8-inch size and the oversized 1-1/8-inch size. The sizing is found in the clamp area at the bottom of the bars where it clamps onto the bike. It's all personal preference and whatever feels best as you ride. The controls of course attach to the handlebars - these levers allow you to throttle, brake and use the clutch. The style and design of the levers along with the accompanying cables contribute to the feel of the bike. As you can see, the handlebars support nearly every function on a dirt bike.

It's crucial to find the right set-up for you. What fits someone perfectly on their dirt bike likely feels a bit out of place for another rider. Determining the right bar and control set-up on your ride goes a long way towards finishing a Moto or preventing arm pump.

MotoSport stocks a selection of handlebars, controls and accessories allowing you to personalize and make the necessary changes and adjustments for the right fit and feel. We carry clutch levers, brake levers and hot start levers from the industry's best brands as well as grips and cables. Sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation but we can help.

Give us a call at 888-676-8853 or use the Live Chat and we can answer questions and make recommendations based on our personal experience and what how you ride. Also check out Dirt Bike Handlebars & Controls Explained. We explain everything you need to know about the 7/8th and 1-1/8th inch difference and review the controls and levers that run to and from the bars.