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ARC Folding Composite Lever Combo ARC Folding Composite Lever Combo COMX - Denver, CO, USA Last levers you will need to purchase.. "Okay so they're not brightly colored.... That's the only downside other than the price of roughly $60 per lever. Had these on son's 85 when he was a rookie racer.. He put his bike down in 1st arena race after we installed them. Lever was scuffed and bent but returned to original position/bend allowing him to continue. I consider these mandatory equipment on any race bike now. Love them! That said, waiting for ARC or a competitor to come out with some that are half the price."
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LighTech Replacement Lever LighTech Replacement Lever ironmin - Portland, OR, USA This will fit "May rumor floating around that you will need a LighTech perch for this half-lever. However, you only need the LighTech lever which can fit inside your OEM (Aprilia) clutch perch - which has the cable adjuster. The attachment for the half-lever is 7mm which is smaller than the standard Brembo 8mm half lever so unfortunately Brembo replacement levers cannot be used."
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