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DMP Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers DMP Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers zippytlsr - Eureka, CA, USA adjustable tire warmers "The units are nice and very ajustable. Im new to this style as my first set of DMP Warmers are not adjustable. Those are working great 9 yrs later. :) In advancing to racing slicks for track days i purchased the adjustable ones for better heat control. So far so good. I have only One issue. The instruction sheet is horrible. It's not very complete, it gives the basic operation and seems to assume you know all about adjustable units already. It was ok to figure it out, just not the most well written instruction sheet. This would not stop me from purchasing these again. Have had these now for three track days and so far so good. !! Bang for the buck I dont think you could go wrong."
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Renthal Chain & Sprocket Kit Renthal Chain & Sprocket Kit Zach - Color choices "Work great I like that fact there are color choices instead of just a single color"
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