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DID 520 ERV3 X-Ring Chain DID 520 ERV3 X-Ring Chain moots02 - Mission Viejo, CA, USA DID ERV3 Chain "DID top of the line chain for a great price. Delivered to my door on time. Couldn't be happier with the purchase. Thanks MotoSport!"
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DID 520 ERT2 Chain DID 520 ERT2 Chain Carnage - California, Central Coast Best Chain "The only chain I use. Very strong with very little stretching."
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DID You Need a Chain?

Daido Corporation (DID) did not become the best selling motorcycle chain by default. DID manufactures some of the best lightweight, high performance chains used in motocross today.

MotoSport carries a full line of DID chain styles and master links. We have DID chain sets for lower-powered engines like those on mopeds or scooters, the 520 ERT2 Gold chain is the one most used in Supercross and MotoCross, and for those who only settle for top-of-the-line the ERV3 X-Ring chain delivers the ultimate in high-performance. We also carry the master links for all the DID chains we sell.

Whatever your needs are MotoSport can help you find the best DID chain for your ride. Please call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.