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Kenda Bearclaw Front / Rear Tire Kenda Bearclaw Front / Rear Tire Brendavig - Beaver Great Quality, Great Price "These tires are exactly as expected. They are a great quality, 6 ply tire for a super reasonable price. I bought 4 for a Honda quad had them mounted locally and they are great climbers. I would buy these again. The shipping was fast. Couldn't be happier with the entire transaction."
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Artrax SE3 Rear Tire Artrax SE3 Rear Tire KyleU - Ridgecrest, CA Great tire for hard enduro "I have ran the SE3 tire combo this year at both King of the Motos and this past weekend at the Last Dog Standing, both with finishing results not to mention many just as gnarly trail rides. The sidewalls of this tire are on the stiffer side but this allows me to run a low air pressure with heavy duty tubes or mousses to get maximum flex and footprint from the knobbies. The SE3 really works for what I need it to perform in and at an incredibly low price compared to other tires of the same spec. Thanks Motosport!"
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