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Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Cleancut55 - '13 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom "Grips fit perfectly and add a nice touch to the black and white color scheme of the bike."
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Sunline V1 MDX Clutch Lever Sunline V1 MDX Clutch Lever Grooms - Kentucky Great "Just ordered this clutch lever a couple days ago. Installed it and took off on the hills. Ended up laying the bike over on one of the hills and the lever worked perfectly folded up and bounced right back into place when i picked the bike up. 05 RMZ 250"
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ATV Handlebars and Controls

When riding your ATV, feeling in command goes a long way towards spending a successful day on the track or trails. If you're not comfortable, can't work the controls easily or get tired quickly it's time to find the right handlebar set-up.

The handlebars not only steer your ATV but hold nearly all of the controls including the throttle and brake and clutch levers. Even slight discomfort over time magnifies into something unmanageable. Arm pump, an inability to securely hold on or even difficulty in handling your quad might prove the need to change your set-up.

Two sizes exist for quad handlebars: 7/8-inch and 1 1/8 oversized which correspond to the thickness of the clamp area. What's the best size? That's up to you. What feels great to one rider might feel off for another. Find additional adjustments with a new set of grips, steering dampers and steering stems among other available changes.

MotoSport stocks a wide selection of handlebars, levers and other steering and control components for your quad. Call us with any questions at 866-667-6288 or use the Live Chat. Check out Dirt Bike Handlebars & Controls Explained for further information on bar sizing and controls.