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Acerbis Chain Guide Acerbis Chain Guide CWood887 - Kalispell Good stock replacement "Good for stock replacement, not the toughest guide but hard to beat for the money. This is my second Acerbis chain guide in the past year, I ride a lot of rocky, tight, single track; and this will hold up well as long as you don't bounce it off too many big rocks. Looks great, good value."
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Sunstar Aluminum Rear Sprocket Sunstar Aluminum Rear Sprocket ManandMachine - Color not as marketed in pictures "I really like these sprockets for their design, durability and stock appearance. However, until they can provide a "real" silver like Renthal does, my builds will receive the Renthal. 2004 CRF 450R 2008 CRF 450R 2012 CRF 450R (2) 2006 CRF 450R"
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