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FMF Fatty Pipe - 2-Stroke FMF Fatty Pipe - 2-Stroke simonmx33 - Lake Wylie, SC, USA AMAZING PIPE!! "ive had this pipe for a while now, and ill tell you, this thing rocks! ive been in multiple bad crashes and not a ding on the pipe, it deffinitely freed up some power both mid and top rpm. the sound is remarkable. of course my bike is tuned and may sound different than any 125sx, but i guess itll give you a taste of how crisp it sounds, paired with the shorty, it sounds good. and ill include an attachment of the sound,"
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FMF Fatty Pipe & Powercore 2 Silencer Combo FMF Fatty Pipe & Powercore 2 Silencer Combo CPR517 - South Carolina, USA Rekluse FMF "The Rekluse performs as advertised. Great Product and Excellent Support from Rekluse. Maybe the best MFG support in the parts business. As always FMF products are excellent. I/my family have been in Dirt Bike Racing for 40 years and purchased from numerous suppliers. Motosport is absolutely the best vendor we have purchased from. Pricing, Shipping and Customer support is second to none. If you are not buying from Motorsport you have neglected a great asset."
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