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FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe JAM15 - Bristol, VA, USA Can't go wrong with FMF "I bought this pipe for my 07 RM 250. I use this along with a FMF Shorty silencer. This was actually bought to replace the exact same pipe. I have always ran the FMF Gnarly on my bike and it performs excellent. The low end power really came alive after installing this pipe and I don't think the top end lost any power at all. With this pipe, my power band hits like Mike Tyson. There was a small learning curve at first but within about 20 minutes I felt comfortable again. I mainly ride on woods trails and this pipe is perfect for that. Like any 2 stroke expansion chamber, this thing really sticks out and takes a lot of abuse when the bike is wrecked. Like I said, I bought this as a replacement for the exact same pipe as I cracked my FMF pipe this past weekend riding on a motocross track in Eastern Tennessee. I really didn't wreck super hard but this wasn't the first time I wrecked on that same side so it is possible that I just kept hitting that same spot until it became really weak and finally cracked. I'm not too upset though. Until this weekend, the pipe performed flawless"
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FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe Motoparty - portland or Breathed a whole new life to my KDX200 "She's a beast now! Really opened her up. Lots more power and throttle response. Checked the FMF site for jet suggestions and all I have to do was swap out the carb needle. Love the new pipe. Every two stroke should have one!"
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