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K&N Spin-on Oil Filter K&N Spin-on Oil Filter TrickyRicky - Wake Forest Nc K & N oil filter is better than OEM "A no brainier the K&N oil filter is a improved oil filter. The hex on the end makes removal a quicker , easier job. The extra cost over oem is worth the money when you need to remove the filter and have to struggle to get a filter wrench through the header tubes. The K&N eliminates the struggle and is what oem should have done!"
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NGK Offroad Spark Plug NGK Offroad Spark Plug HonestAbe - Fort Worth, TX, USA Simply Nothing Better "I run the regular version of these spark plugs because I simply only run them for about ten hours on the track. I have never fouled a plug or had a failure otherwise. I buy nothing else but these NGK's."
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