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Love Jugs Original Harley Cooling System Love Jugs Original Harley Cooling System Mugg - Maryland Not quite a "perfect fit." "I ordered Luv Jugs for my '15 Wide Glide. They seem to work as advertised but when I checked the fitment online, the website said they were a "perfect fit." For my bike. Mechanically, this seems to be true but electrically, not quite. The electrical connector that came on the Luv Jugs, did not fit my bike. Im fairly handy with electrical systems, so this wasn't a big issue for me, but could pose a problem for some. Also, the installation instructions are great. They don't guide you through the electrical connect and wire routing very well. Other than these knit-picky things. The Luv Jugs seems to do the job."
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Athena Gasket Kit - Complete Athena Gasket Kit - Complete Lloyd - Moore, OK, USA "Complete kit" "Gaskets seem to be good quality but did not come with New clutch cover Gasket or a couple other seals. It should say what is there so you know what else to order Now i have to make another order and pay for shipping."
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