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DWT .125 Aluminum Blue Label Wheel DWT .125 Aluminum Blue Label Wheel Rooster - Yfz 450 "I do atv rodeos and use these wheels to keep my rotating mass down. But they will bend easy if your not careful mounting tires. But they hold up great when racing"
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DWT Diablo Wheel DWT Diablo Wheel BigAl - IDAHO American Made! "it feels good to purchase american made products & we all know that american made products are of high quality this dwt diablo is everything i was looking for orignally i was on the market for black atv wheels but every one has them all ready. i opted for 2 sets one in polish & one in chrome. i was hesitant on the chrome finish but man do they look good. moto sport customer service is priceless. even if you have to pay a few extra bucks it is well worth it has theh stand behing there products 100% i"
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Marchesini Motorcycle Wheels:

One of the easiest ways to make your bike handle dramatically better is with a lighter set of motorcycle wheels, and there's no better wheel than Marchesini. With countless racers and teams riding their wheels to victory, Marchesini has a pedigree that can't be ignored. If you can't tell by the name, they're an Italian company devoted to making the lightest, strongest motorcycle wheels possible. In reducing your wheel weight, you're not only reducing the amount of unsprung weight on your bike, but the general rule is that for every pound you save on a wheel weight, that equates to about 2.5lb of sprung weight. Not sure what that means? Simply put, sprung weight is everything from the springs up, unsprung weight is everything from the springs down. Wheels, shocks, springs, axles and motorcycle tires contribute to the unsprung weight. The bike, engine, fluids, you, your passenger, and anything else that's comfortably supported by the suspension all contribute to the sprung weight.

Marchesini is devoted to making the lightest, strongest motorcycle wheels possible. They're commonly seen on Ducatis, not to mention many other high-end sport bikes and a majority of world-class race bikes. Sure, they're an investment, but it's an investment with instant rewards. You'll notice a huge difference in the way your bike rides; It'll feel lighter, nimbler and the turn-in will be sharper. Plus, let's be honest, our selection of Marchesini wheels definitely aren't bad to look at.