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Honda Genuine Accessories Passenger Seat Cowl Honda Genuine Accessories Passenger Seat Cowl Jebus777 - Los Angeles, CA, USA 2007 + Honda CBR600RR Seat cowl "I bought the white seat cowl not knowing what to really expect. Upon arrival, the quality, finish, and fitment was 10/10. My 07 cbr600rr White and gray edition is still using the stock fairings, so this seat cowl really should the age on my oem fairings. Which is not a bad thing! I will be ordering a fresh new set of oem fairings from Motosport to compliment my new addition. Also great service and feed back from Motosport, email notifications and tracking history. Could not be happier! Thanks again."
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Mustang Wide 1-Piece Touring Seat Mustang Wide 1-Piece Touring Seat cjl1238 - The venerable Mustang seat... "Well my stock Shadow Spirit seat left much to be desired. It got hot, and just wasn't comfortable for more than an hour at a time. I had heard great thing after great thing about Mustang seats...but $500 was a bit much to spend on a freaking seat. Then motosport had one on sale...%50 off! I jumped on it. Install went Semi smoothly...bolts can be hard to get lined up since the extra cushion prevents the seat from flushing up as easy as the stock seat. Took the bike on a 70 mile ride with the Misses. Gotta say she got the good end of this deal...her seat is now much wider. The whole seat seems stiff. I'm sure there is some breaking in to be done, and the cold weather doesn't help. But it's not as impressive of a switch that I thought it would be. None the less...the craftsmanship and quality appear great. And motorsport service is awesome. If the seat doesn't plush up and break in...I may still have my stock seat repadded and upholstered to my rear end..see if it's better. All in all...I recommend it over a stock seat any day."
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