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Vortex 530 Aluminum Sprocket And Chain Kit Vortex 530 Aluminum Sprocket And Chain Kit Andy - Northern California, CA, USA Decent chain and sprocket kit - 2nd time using "This is a fine chain and sprocket kit. The only weak spot is the aluminum rear sprocket. I'd go with steel if it wasn't so hard to find / on backorder. You'll wear out your rear sprocket before the chain. This is my 3rd chain on a torquey SV1000S with 56000 miles on it. I replaced the OEM chain ~12,500 miles, so the last chain lasted over 40,000 miles. I only recently started noticing that chain starting to knock on the front sprocket cover on decel. Definitely replace the sprockets with the chain. Even my front sprocket was slightly deformed leading to the chain slipping off and knocking the cover on deceleration."
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Renthal Rear Sprocket Renthal Rear Sprocket GreenCP13 - Tennessee, USA Very Durable Lightweight Sprocket "One of the most durable and lightest sprockets on the market in addition to adding a little bling"
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