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Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tire Combo Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tire Combo value - Burlington, VT, USA Michelin Pilot street tires "Bought a set of these for a 2004 Kawasaki ninja. Purchase based on what I had read of Michelin's pilot power tires being so good. These are great tires. super sticky, nice roll, handling feedback is neutral. Super tires for aggressive street riding."
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Bridgestone Battlax BT023 Sport Touring Tire Combo Bridgestone Battlax BT023 Sport Touring Tire Combo Randy - Acton CA Great tires "The dual compounds is these tires, gives you more mileage on the highway and exlant performance in the canyons. And can't beat the price. Keep the rubber side down!"
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Dirt Bike Tire Combos

The rear wheel of a dirt bike generally wears faster than the front wheel but eventually the time comes when both tires require replacing. If you're a finicky rider you might also change out both tires regardless of wear on the front. At any rate, in relation to other parts Motocross tires often need changing.

Price wise, tire and oil changes hardly compare. Depending on the soil conditions tires might last just a couple of good rides or they could last for months. Either way, replacing a set of dirt bike tires adds to the cost of ownership. And if you race, it's wise to own several sets so you're ready for whatever terrain the next track offers.

MotoSport tries to keep the cost of riding as low as possible so we offer tire combos for our most popular brands. The next time you need to replace both tires or want a pair on stand-by check out our various dirt bike tire combo sets. You'll save money and enjoy riding on the same manufacturers you've come to trust.

Motocross tire combos also offer a good way to upgrade from a current set. If you've been looking at different traction options or want to try a friend's recommendation then grab a combo to get the most out of what the tire offers. You can also give us a call at 888-676-8853 or use the Live Chat with any questions. The Guys That Ride invest in the same tire combos you see here.

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