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Wiseco Top And Bottom End Kit - 4-Stroke Wiseco Top And Bottom End Kit - 4-Stroke MxMaster - Australia Best top and bottom end on the market!! "I've been ridding mx for years and have tried a few top and bottom end kit but the price and the quality of this kit is amazing. Plus the power of the bike from the stock it astounding, the bottom end power is through the roof. To anyone who is not sure weather or not to buy this, it's a must."
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Wiseco Complete Crank Kit Wiseco Complete Crank Kit Zach - Savannah, GA, USA First time rebuilding bottomend yz450f "This is going to be interesting despite the negative reviews of others with wiseco bottom ends , but so far I have not had any issues with this bottom end , I have rode the bike fairly hard ( 09 yz450f) on track and off and everything has stayed together , now if I was to do it again I would go a different rout do to the number of times I have herd bad things about there bottom ends from bike shops and other reviews . I hope everything goes well with a lot more hours on It, oh and keep your bikes maintained !!"
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