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Kenda Kutter XC Rear Tire Kenda Kutter XC Rear Tire chieger - Indiana, USA Amazing tire "trxx700 I've only had the tires on for two weeks and I am amazed. I crashed into a ditch at about 45mph slammed the back tire into a huge rock after only day two of having them on, completely bent the rim to the point it hit the top a-arm and not a single scuff on the tire. To this day tire has not lost air and gets awesome traction on everything. Worth every penny."
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Nuetech Tubliss System Nuetech Tubliss System MidMiMoto - Ortonville, MI TuBliss on 2015 CRF450R "I purchased this system after suffering a pinch flat in the rear and then a pinch flat in the front the following weekend. I had read that installation was more involved. There are more steps, however the instructions are clear and installation was no more difficult than regular tubes. On the track I experimented with air pressures between 6 and 8 psi. I found I like about 7.25 in the rear and about 8 in the front. Traction was great and I made up significant time on flat corners. I had no issues with leaks, the bike feels more planted, and I felt an advantage over other riders in certain track conditions. I will be using these from now on."
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