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Lock-N-Load Transport System Lock-N-Load Transport System Fboy 5 out of 5 stars "Well made product. Easy to load bike and holds front wheel securely until straps are applied."
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Kuryakyn Condor Pit-Stop / Trailer Stop Kuryakyn Condor Pit-Stop / Trailer Stop Ruff - Michigan 5 out of 5 stars Everything I wanted and more. "I bought the Condor Pit-Stop so I could load my bike on a trailer by myself and not worry about the kick stand and getting the tie downs preset. I ride it on the trailer, and the Condor locks it in an upright and stable position until I lock it down with the tie downs. It also works on the garage floor while you wash and polish your Bike. You don't have to anchor it down for it to work. Great Product. I think my Son will get one of his own for X-mas."
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Wheel Chock it up to Good Advice

Do you really need a motorcycle wheel chock? We'll save you from researching the chat forums on this subject and tell you that yes, you need a motorcycle wheel chock.

Tie downs might work...for a while. But if you've ever spent much time in the back of a pick-up you'll know it gets bumpy and things get tossed around back there. A motorcycle wheel chock keeps the front wheel locked in place preventing unnecessary damage to it from jostling back and forth. Plus, all that moving around can slowly loosen your tie downs.

Motorcycle wheel chocks take pressure off the fork seals during transit, are easy to use - saving you time, easy to install and accommodate most bikes. Additionally, you save room because you don't have straps spread out everywhere and gain peace of mind knowing your bike is secure rather than worrying if you tightened every tie.

MotoSport carries a number of motorcycle wheel chock styles from several brands. Check out our complete selection:

Before you head-out with your motorcycle in the back of your truck, get a motorcycle wheel chock to secure and protect your bike. You won't regret it. If you need some help deciding on the best chock for your ride please give us a call at 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

Get your motorcycle wheel chock delivered to your door and free 3-day shipping on any order over $99 (certain restrictions apply) from MotoSport!