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Works Connection Glide Plate (R.I.M.S) Works Connection Glide Plate (R.I.M.S) John - Virginia, USA Very pleased "Great look and fit. Very pleased with this product."
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Works Connection Radiator Braces Works Connection Radiator Braces Jaypizzle - Daytona Beach, FL, USA WC Radiator braces "I just installed these on my RMZ450, and have used them on a few other bikes in the past. They install easily, don't add much weight and look good. On the RMZ I had to drill a small hole in each radiator mounting tab to mount these braces-no big deal. WC makes a quality product and they are made in the USA. They protect from side impacts with the ground if you crash. The only downside to these braces is they offer no frontal protection-If you ride MX so this is of little concern. If you ride offroad/trails you might want another brace with frontal protection."
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Garage Days Revisited

There's just something about a company that starts in a garage. That's exactly what Eric Phipps did in 1989 when he founded Works Connection and developed unique items he couldn't find for his bike. A year later some of his products made it on factory bikes and now he manufactures quality components available to anyone who rides.

Raising the Bar

Works Connection's selection of aftermarket products is nearly endless. Throttle covers? Check. Brake caps? Check. Engine guards? Check. Don't think we're talking run-of-the-mill ordinary here either. They make radiator braces from aircraft grade aluminum! We could go on and on but really what more can you say about a company that gets a Five Star rating from MotoCross Action Magazine for its Pro Launch Start Device. Described as a complete redesign of starting devices it's got nothing in common with the spring-loaded counterparts.

If you're looking for the stock look or the tricked out, personal "this-is-my-bike" look, Works Connection USA made, replacement hardware gives you the look, style, quality and protection you want for that additional factory touch.

The MotoSport Collection

You've come to the right place for Works Connection products. is the best place on the web for Works Connection motorcycle parts. Clutch levers, ignition cover guards, skid plates and even red hot oil filler plugs, find it all and more from Works Connection right here on

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