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Cycra Full Coverage Skid Plate Cycra Full Coverage Skid Plate KTMslash - Okay for the money "Fit good but didn't have the coverage and protection I was looking for. Still a good overall skid plate. 2012 KTM350SX"
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IMS Gas Tank IMS Gas Tank JimC - Long Beach, CA, USA Great tank "I ordered a IMS gas tank that was larger than I really wanted. I thought my damaged tank was a 4 gallon but it was a 3.2 gallon. I ordered the 4 gal and when I got it I immediately realized it was bigger than the one I wanted. I then ordered the 3.2 tank and it was shipped right away and received in about two days. I did have a problem shipping the 4 gallon tank back to them via USPS, UPS, FedEx or anyone else due to the size of the box. USPS wanted $159.00. then UPS and FedEX wanted about $500 up tp $700. I couldnt make the box much smaller. I asked Motorsport for some help shipping it back even though it was 100% my fault in the order. They helped me out with the shipping and I was greatfull for their finding me a lower price."
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