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Yamalube Suspension Oil Yamalube Suspension Oil Yzripper - Idaho, USA S1 in 2003 yamaha yz250 "I know yamaha recommends the 01 for my year of bikes forks but ive been using the S1 for 7 years and have had not one issue it works great and its 0 weight which is what yamaha recommends for their forks. I was kinda curious to use some maxima 5wt racing fork oil but still have not tryed it, i do run maxima 3wt racing shock oil in my shock and i am very happy with it. Anyone Let me know if you've tryed the maxima stuff in the forks and how it works. I MX track ride and free ride in the desert and hills"
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Yamalube 2R Two Stroke Oil Yamalube 2R Two Stroke Oil Yz125 - Tylertown, MS 39667, USA Verry good "I've used a variety of oil in a few bikes. 99 Kx80 used castor then switched to yamalube for a while to try it out. Made the bike perform that much better. 04 ktm 105sx ran some maxama oil in it because that's what the previous owner ran in it. Ran yamalube through it and the bike ran smoother and didn't smoke as much. It barely spooged. Now I have a 2001 yz125. This is the only premix oil I will ever run in my 2 stroke machines. Wish I could find somewhere to buy it by the gallon!!! Over all the best high performance oil out there. I give this a 110 rating if I could."
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