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Fastway Evolution III Footpegs Fastway Evolution III Footpegs motosaki404 - Dodge City, KS well made. kinda heavy but great grip. 2013 KX450 "Well i thought i would give these a try since i am 6'5" and was desperately trying to find a lower peg for my kx450. This seems like an easy enough thing to find since these have a "Low Boy" setting... but on 2013 KX450s, the footpeg brackets are already adjustable so according to the description & the reps at Fastway; "the stock Kawasaki peg brackets must be in the upper position in order for you to run the footpegs in their 'low boy' setting". This puts the pegs back at exactly the same height as they just were.... hmm? After looking around forever for info on someone who had personal experience with this, i found nothing so i just pulled the trigger and got them coming. I'm glad i did because THEY WORK just how i wanted them to. They can be mounted in the low setting with your brackets still in the low setting as well which lowers the peg like 5/8"! The only modification that needs to be made is trimming off about 3/8" from the threaded rear brake plunger bar, (what the adjuster nut screws onto) The back of the rear brake pedal hits this before it can be adjusted far enough down to match the peg. I hope this helps some people, i put off buying these for years because i didnt think they would adjust enough to make a real difference.. turns out they do. 5 stars"
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Bazzaz Shift Rod Bazzaz Shift Rod RedHornet117 - South Jordan, UT, USA Bazzaz quick shifter linkage. "I use this when I'm racing for the USBA modern vintage GTU class. It's worked great so far. But the problem that they break quite easy. I know I might be pushing it hard. I also know that this is racing not baby your bike. It's just the name of the game. I'm not the only one at the track who seems to break this quite often either. This is a very popular item. Plenty of us club racers have broken these. They are awesome when they work though. I've claimed plenty of places close to the top podium. I will continue to buy these. I just wish there was a way to make them a bit more durable for a brute like me. Thanks guys!!"
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