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Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston trip7sracing - maine great products as always "i have used wesco pistons in the past and always had great luck. This kit was shipped in two seperate packages arraving on different days but i was in no hurry so that was fine for my situation. kit has everything you need to rebuild the top end inculding gaskets for the power valve and reed cage. havent actually got to use the bike yet but the install was a breeze."
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Pro Circuit High Compression Piston Pro Circuit High Compression Piston Wiley - "Improved power delivery though out the whole engine range. Most noticable at mid high range. Great mod product if your looking to keep your bike mildly stock without busting your race budget. No additional engine mods needed to the engine. Im sure after 20 hours I will be rebuilding the head with a new piston because the extra pressure on the valve train will stress the stock valve springs to there max. Get an hour meter with it. Im sure 20 hours is the max if your racing the bike."
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