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Devol Skid Plate Devol Skid Plate KoniaKGrayson - Salt Lake City, UT, USA Nice Product "Not super thick and sturdy, but enough for some decent protection. Fit was almost perfect for '06 YZ250F. I had to cut away a bit of the underbody mounting hole to make the bottom bolt line up. That said, the shape is tight to the frame. Nothing obnoxious about it. It has holes to change your oil with it on... Good luck. It's a huge pain to get the drain plugs back in once you have them out. Easier to just take the skid plate off. Overall, a nice product if you're looking for some additional protection, but don't want a heavy, bulky skid plate."
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Cycra Full Coverage Skid Plate Cycra Full Coverage Skid Plate WJTD - Harned, KY Skid plate "This is a sturdy plastic skid plate wich isn't as good as some aluminum skid plates but will get the job done"
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