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SDG Complete Seat Assembly - Step Seat SDG Complete Seat Assembly - Step Seat YZ290F - Michigan, USA Works Great! "I have only had the chance to use it once because I bought it in the winter but it does it job perfectly. The seat was really hard to put on the first time because it needed to be broken-in (mold to the framework of the bike), but after the seat had been bolted on for a while it slid on with ease. Some say that the seat seemed too hard but I didn't notice it while I was riding. It keeps your posture much better and you can take turns much more effectively. The grip (seat cover) on the seat is also high quality. Sliding around doesn't happen much at all and that allows you to focus more on riding than actually staying on the bike. I forgot to mention that the seat also comes with multiple decals that were very cool. That was a great bonus! Overall it's a great product and I would buy again if I needed to."
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Acerbis X-Seat Acerbis X-Seat VegasDirtRider - Las Vegas, NV, USA HARD SEAT,...GREAT GRIP! "This is is hard but it DOES give a bit when u sit on it. Great grip on your legs and butt. Good tight fit on your bike too! If you plan on sitting down on your bike all day this is not the seat for you......"
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