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Driven Complete Performance Clutch Kit Driven Complete Performance Clutch Kit MotoNinja212 - Dallas, TX, USA Lots of bang for the buck "I was skeptical about buying this kit because it was so cheap but I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot. Reviews are great insight except you usually do not know anything about the person reviewing the product, like how many clutches have you changed? Can you even feel clutch fade? Racer or weekend warrior etc. With all that said I’m a seasoned racer with over twenty years racing MX & AX. I bought this clutch kit and installed in my KX450F before going on an annual trip to Colorado to ride trails with my old racing buddies, I used and abused it there and also raced a few times with it over the next 6 months. I was impressed, it held up very well and I recently sold that bike and it was still performing well. If you’re on a budget you can’t beat it for the price."
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Driven Complete Clutch Kit Driven Complete Clutch Kit Frank - Gainesville, FL, USA Good product "Worked well springs were actually stiffer than stock"
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