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Slipstreamer S-05 Turbo Windshield Slipstreamer S-05 Turbo Windshield TeamArcticFox - Pembroke, Maine Solid and Versatile "This windshield provides the wind protection necessary for a comfortable ride, reducing the hammering of the wind without compromising the open air circulation around you for comfort in warmer climates. Cleaning with a soft flannel cloth such as old sheets, and simple mild dish detergent has taken off the worst of Maine's bug debris, even after drying on hard from a day's run on a hot day. Just be patient with the procedure and it comes clean without scratching. It's clear configuration allows it to be large enough for the protection you need without looking cumbersome, and even looks appropriate on a classic such as my Royal Enfield - not to mention that the steamlined unit actually brought my gas mileage up from barely 80 MPG to nearly 90 on the freeways. I have to admit that I like it, despite some of the challenges it posed when putting it on the machine. In that vein, I have to report that the mounting can be a challenge on less than conventional bikes, as it was with my Royal Enfield 500 EFI, and some finishing details need to be noted. The windshield edges are not rounded and will scratch a paint job if your turning radius allowance is too sharp - this is the case with my RE, and is something, as with the rubber seal around the headlight that should be extended to go further around the opening, that could be corrected at the factory. The upper mounts are solid for a 1 inch handlebar set, but the plastic inserts provided to adapt the mounting hardware to 7/8 inch handlebar set requires frequent tightening as the mounts squeeze down on the plastic. The need to retighten so frequently until set cannot be avoided, as failing to do so allows the annoying problem of the windshield pushing back away from the desired setting against the headlight and towards your face, instead of staying upright to protect you, until you've finally tightened it enough that it holds. For me, even at the modest speed of 55 MPH that I cruise with my Thumper, that was the frequent duty of over 500 miles of travel, readjust, tighten, and travel some more. I was seriously concerned that the hex bolts were going to strip before I was able to get it tight enough to hold, but fortunately it did finally lock down. On the upside, however, the advantage of this system for those of us riding Thumpers is that the plastic seal does absorb some of the vibration that could damage the windshield later through the mounts. The lower mounts lacked the versatility that would enable bikes of an even more conventional configuration to secure solidly, and for the Royal Enfield were completely useless. I had to fabricate a lengthened heavier rod assembly and provide larger washers where fastened to the lower windshield itself, to accommodate the structure of the cast headlight and so as to reach the more solid fastening base I needed for the windshield to remain secure. The lower fastening base on the windshield itself could benefit from a size larger bolts, rubber mounts and washers to better secure the unit, especially on larger machines, as this is stated as a unit to be utilized for touring purposes. The acorn locking nuts, however, are a nice finishing touch, and more units I've seen could benefit from that small but important detail. These were some details I encountered when mounting the unit, and while frustrating to deal with, were easily enough overcome with patience and some mechanical aptitude - something most bikers have in reserve. Take your time with it, and when it is finally settled into place the streamlined effect on the bike's performance, the comfort after a long day's run, and appearance are well worth the effort, though I think it could benefit from a reduction in price. The unit is a bit spendy for what you are getting, especially with the complexities of mounting on all but the most conventional machines. I do not regret having it, however - and the compliments have more than made up for the frustrations. There is something to be said for taking the time to do the job right. - WKD, Team Arctic Fox."
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Slipstreamer Replacement Windshield With Vents Slipstreamer Replacement Windshield With Vents Jerry - Michigan, USA Slipstreamer Replacement Windshield With Vents "Came within the projected shipping date. The windshield was as described. This was a replacement of an non OEM windshield, so I am not sure how the OEM fits, but this one limits the turning of a hard right because it touches the controls for the radio on the handle bars. No real issues. It does work better than the one I removed for buffering wind."
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Don't Eat Bugs

Cruising highways or backcountry roads on your motorcycle brings beautiful scenery, a lot of joy, relaxation and bugs. Rocks too. Sometimes even rain. Motorcycle windshields let you take in all that riding offers except for those unwanted bits and pieces the car grill usually captures.

Motorcycle windshields also redirect air away from your face and body which reduces the wind chill factor, rider fatigue, and constant noise that can later result in tinnitus. If you're looking to replace or upgrade your motorcycle windshield you've come to the right place. We also carry lowers and wind deflectors for added protection. Our catalog includes 16 of the best brands offering more than 200 motorcycle windshields. Check out our selection:

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We also have OEM motorcycle windshields for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Star. Whether you typically take a relaxing cruise on the weekend or are an everyday rider, saddling up shouldn't bring with it a barrage of annoyances or flying road hazards that ruin your ride. Look no further than MotoSport to replace or upgrade your motorcycle windshield.

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