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REV'IT! Vapor H2O Gloves REV'IT! Vapor H2O Gloves Veloc - Portland, OR Fantastic all-weather protection! "These are some of the most comfortable all-season gloves I've had the pleasure to wear. Fleece-lined interior keeps your hands from freezing when it's cold out (note: sub-freezing temps will still chill your hands to the bone - more on this below), mixed leather and textile construction gives the gloves great looks, and also fantastic tactile feel. Obviously, they aren't going to be paper-thin kangaroo hide like race gloves that are designed to give absolute tactile response, but when compared to many other all-weather gloves out there, they do not interfere with working the controls or feeling the grips. The waterproof liner is a major plus, and the gauntlet design can be used either over or under the sleeves of your jacket. Bonus points for the additional wrist closure, for added security in a spill (gloves without a wrist strap tend to fly off in a crash). Extra bonus points for the visor-wiper on the left index finger. Most sport/race-fit gloves omit this feature, and it's super nice to have when you ride 365 days a year. About the note above: These are not absolute polar temperature gloves. These are meant more for your typical all-weather, all-season duties where temps get down to - but not below - freezing. Tested the gloves at 40ºF, 80mph for fifteen minutes (dry weather, naked bike), and while my hands were not roasty toasty, they weren't badly chilled either. I never lost sensation in my fingers, or felt at all uncomfortable. Pair these with some heated grips, and you've got a really good setup for Winter riding."
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Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 Pants Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 Pants jtmaster - Okay pants "Joe Rocket QC seems to be lacking these days. I had to return the first pair due to a zipper that wasn't completely sewn on. Motosport exchanged them quickly and easily. While the waist fits to size the rest of the pant is a little baggy. Good to fit over shorts or pants I suppose. The zip off venitilation does an ok job. Where the vents are located the air really doesn't hit very much. Definetely not hot weather pants. I have an older pair of Joe Rocket pants that are constructed much better. I doubt these will last years, but we will see."
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Motorcycle Rain Gear

For some riding is a way of life. It's how we get to the store, run errands and "drive" to work. On the weekends, it's our hobby and entertainment. If we let foul weather dictate when and if we ride then our motorcycle tends to collect dust. We all can't live in the Southwest and for us at MotoSport rain in the Pacific Northwest is nearly a year round pattern.

Hey, we don't like getting wet either. That's why we wear motorcycle rain gear. Trust us - it works. Today's gear is unlike any other. Waterproof means waterproof. There are many different styles and varieties to choose from and MotoSport's catalog includes more than 100 options from 20 companies.

Keeping the Weather Out

Double water proof protection, liner pants, breathable nylon shell, micro-porous, non-woven, taped and sealed seams all describe the industry standard and latest advanced innovations in motorcycle rain gear. Today's motorcycle rain gear does indeed keep you warm and dry in a down pour. Fickle users delight in MotoSport's variety of one- and two-piece suit options and we give ladies who ride the stylish wear they crave.

Motorcycle rain gear is moderately priced and is a must have for the serious rider. We also have boot covers and for those who prefer it, bibs. Put on some rain gear if it's wet outside or throw it in a bag, just in case, and let's ride. Use the size charts to help you take the guess work out of selecting your product. Even if a product doesn't fit, our hassle free return policy means we make it easy for you to get the right one.

MotoSport is the best place for your motorcycle rain gear needs. Have a question or need help picking the right product? Call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert. We have a 90-day return policy.

Get the largest selection of motorcycle rain gear delivered to your door and free 3-day express shipping on any order over $49 from MotoSport!