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Oxford 1st Time Top Case Oxford 1st Time Top Case drock222 - OR Junk in the Trunk "I agree with Coren, trunk is very useful especially for the money. I opted for the smaller of the two trunks, mounted on my dualsport. Works well for the street however does rattle pretty loudly. I have not tested it offroad minus dirt/gravel roads. Knock on wood, no tip over tests, however I'd expect it not to fare too well. Overall very useful, I can fit bread, milk, full face helmet, Mikes Lemonade Party Pack, whatever your heart desires. Don't expect it to be rugged pelican or ADV storage, but do expect it to be useful for the commuter, weekend warrior on price conscious buyer."
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Oxford 1st Time Top Case Oxford 1st Time Top Case CorenS - CorenS Cheap! "For the price I could not resist this! a place to lock your helmet up, or even carry a 24 case of coors. Installation was pretty easy, I did have to drill a few holes into the base plate, but only took a minute. once plate is mounted its just one hand bolt inside the case that attaches to the base plate. It's actually quite easy to take this thing off and on with no tools. My one negative thing about this is it is cheaply made... it rattled like crazy, I ended up getting some self adhesive foam weatherstripping and sticking it around inside of the lid and on the base plate. Now it doesn't rattle at all. so easy enough solution. all and all its a great purchase, and I'd buy more if I needed too!"
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