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Outdoor Tech Adapt - Bluetooth Adaptor Outdoor Tech Adapt - Bluetooth Adaptor JeffG - Coalville, UT 84017, USA Wireless on my Moto Helmet! "I love listening to music while riding my ATV. I bought a cheap pair of Moto helmet compatible headphones that Velcro to the inside of the helmet. They work great but the cord going from the helmet to my pocket was always getting caught on things and was annoying when we stop and I take my helmet off. This ADAPT is exactly what I've been needing! I'm now cordless (I tucked pretty much all of the cord under the pads in the helmet) and have an easy access remote on the side of my head! The battery life is awesome as well. Cons: If wearing on the left side of the head the micro USB port is pointed in front of you, which means a whole lot of dirt is going to collect inside there, and the skip forward/back buttons are reversed and not intuitive. Skip forward is pointing behind you, and Skip backward is pointing in front of you. You are supposed to be able to use Siri on the iPhone, but I can't figure out how. The instructions weren't very good on that one. The Play/Pause button is recessed in the middle which is just fine with thin gloves or no gloves, but is almost impossible to find and operate if wearing winter gloves. The volume goes down to a certain level of lowness before the music gets paused on the next volume down push. This is incredibly annoying to me because I like to hear my music and still be able to hear other people talk, so I wish the volume would go quieter instead of shutting off. Over all this is an amazing product that I would definitely buy again! (sorry for the low quality photo. I had to zoom in a lot to show the ADAPT on the helmet.)"
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MC Enterprises Cigarette Lighter MC Enterprises Cigarette Lighter Rick - Not of first-class appearance, but fairly good. "26 Jan. 2016: These 12-volt cigarette-lighter-style outlets (lighter included) is of fairly good quality. My recent purchase will make this my second; the first one has so-far lasted for circa 7 annums, with much outside parking of my bike. It still functions and has a good-chrome appearance. Although these are probably made in China, I must say that they are OK. –––Richard Stuart Otto"
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Make communications on your motorcycle easy with MotoSport.

We've come a long way in motorcycle communications, that's for sure. A few years ago, all you could do was frantically wave your arms around in hopes that your riding buddies saw that you were out of gas or just needed to stop. Now, with a minimum of effort, not only can you push a small button on the side of your motorcycle helmet and talk to your entire group in crystal clear stereo, but you can also hook up your phone or GPS via bluetooth and hear your music or directions perfectly! Most of our communications kits, such as the Scala Rider G9 come in pairs for an easy transition into the world of wireless helmet communications. Most headsets have around a 1-mile range, which makes it easy to communicate with all your buddies, but if you need a bit more, the Chatterbox X1 has a staggering five-mile range!

Stay on time at the track.

Lap times. The motorcycling world's equivalent to the "I once caught a fish this big..." stories that you've heard since you were a kid. There's always going to be someone bragging about a better time than you, so why not dial in your own lap time and back it up with proof on one of the many ultra-accurate lap timers we carry? If you want to get started with a basic setup, check out the XT Racing Mini Lap Timer, which gives you accurate lap times and that's about it. Want more information? GPS based automatic track and start/finish line recognition? Telemetry and G-force measurements? If you want a no-holds-barred race computer that will give you definitive information that you need to dial in your bike and yourself, look no further than the XT Racing GPX Pro 4.

Green lights and laser detection.

Sick of waiting at a red light for what seems like an eternity, then a tiny car comes up and the light changes immediately? Avoid that feeling with the installation of A Green Light Trigger, which is unconditionally guaranteed to work and installs in seconds with no wiring. And if you're looking for the best in a motorcycle radar detector? Our selections and accessories from Adaptiv TPX will suit you perfectly. Engineered specifically for motorcycles, it also comes with a visual alert system and detects all police laser and radar bands. They also make a laser jammer unit, but make sure it's legal in your state before purchase!