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Acerbis X-Fit Body Armor Acerbis X-Fit Body Armor Over50 - Virginia, USA Expensive but worth it. "I have not crashed since purchasing this, so I can't comment on that, but I've worn it several times and it's very comfortable, and the protection lines up where it should, and stays there. It seems like a high quality product. The fit was what I expected, I am 6' tall 195 lbs, and the l/xl fits great. The fabric is very stretchy, it would probably fit people 20 lb less. It is warm, but not hot, and it has excellent airflow if you don't have anything over it."
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Fox Racing 2016 Titan Sport Jacket Fox Racing 2016 Titan Sport Jacket Yammerhammer - Ohio Quality gear! "Fits well and is comfortable to wear on long rides. My only complaint is that it is very hot under the chest and spine protector in the summer, but it's a fair trade off for the protection. Overall I'm very satisfied with this product!"
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