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Dirt Bike Wheels

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Hardline Universal Training Wheels Hardline Universal Training Wheels Brent - Reno, NV, USA 5 out of 5 stars easy to install "easy to install and so far they work pretty good"
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DNA X Racing Front & Rear Wheel Combo DNA X Racing Front & Rear Wheel Combo bolthole - San Antonio, TX, USA 5 out of 5 stars dna rims and hubs "To tell you the truth i cant say that the are or are not durable but they look great and are holding up great for my level of experience as a rider, but im not hitting the biggest jumps on the tracks yet. but so far so good."
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Wheels on Your Bike Keep on Turning

Every part on your dirt bike is key to a successful ride and winning championships. But there's one part that "takes it on the rim" so to speak and that's your dirt bike wheels. Tackling the whoops, coming down off those high jumps and even weathering collisions dirt bike wheels keep you upright and rolling through the finish line.

Like any part on your bike, those dirt bike wheels can only handle so much before the spokes start breaking, a section warps or a significant dent renders the bike unrideable. When it's time to replace or upgrade your dirt bike wheels MotoSport is the best place to find the wheels that fit your bike.

We carry the dirt bike wheels you need whether it's a front wheel, rear wheel, or both front and rear, and we have wheels fitted with the necessary sprocket. For the kids, we've even got training wheels by Moose. Check out all of our dirt bike wheels:

If you need help deciding on the right dirt bike wheel for your ride please give us a call on our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert. MotoSport features one of the largest selections of dirt bike wheels on the web. We have a 90-day return policy. We also offer free 3-day express shipping on orders more than $99.