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Crampbuster Cruise Assist Crampbuster Cruise Assist ooot - Canby, OR Helps if you have a "Man throttle" "I must be accustomed to it, but everyone who rides my bike comments on how much effort it takes to turn the throttle. I decided to give this thing a try and have to say - it's great! You can adjust it to the point where he heel of your palm holds the throttle allowing you to have a very relaxed grip with your fingers. I tried this out on a 7 hour trip this summer - some mountains and some freeway - and found that it made the boring parts a lot more pleasant. I had no trouble with it when riding more aggressively - it's easy to adjust out of the way while you're riding, but my throttle is quick enough that it's not in the way even with it fully closed. If you're worried that it will create an issue with throttle control then you may be doing it wrong. I recommend this if you spend long stretches going straight."
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Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit mxrules798 - Minot, ND, USA Best throttle system ever "I love the fact I can change from a long throw throttle to a short throw throttle throw in a matter of minutes."
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