Crampbuster Cruise Assist

Crampbuster Cruise Assist
Crampbuster Cruise Assist

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Description Item #CBS0001

The Crampbuster motorcycle cruise control allows you to comfortably maintain steady throttle control on your motorcycle. It eliminates the need to clench your wrist for long periods of time.

  • This easy-to-install motorcycle cruise control dramatically reduces wrist fatigue often caused by long rides.
  • The Crampbuster is not a cruise throttle lock, but rather a cruise assist.
  • With a relaxed hand on the throttle, this motorcycle cruise control allows much easier throttle operation.
  • No tools are required for installation - just spring it open and slip it on.
  • The Crampbuster is much easier to operate and more versatile than a traditional motorcycle cruise control.

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13 Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Does what it says

A handy, inexpensive, gadget to slip over your hand grip, that acts as a cheap 'cruise control' Any device that allows you change your hand position from constantly holding the throttle open on those multi-hour interstate trips, is worth its weight in gold! My brother wanted one for Christmas--and he got it! It was money well spent!

Verified Purchaser
It does the job!

This fits perfectly on my Suzuki LS650 and provides the relief I need! For an old lady who's only been riding for a couple years, this gives my hand the rest it needs on those long ... or even short ... stretches. It's easy to swing out of the way in traffic and at stops. I love it.

MotoSport Staff Expert
Canby, OR
Helps if you have a "Man throttle"

I must be accustomed to it, but everyone who rides my bike comments on how much effort it takes to turn the throttle. I decided to give this thing a try and have to say - it's great! You can adjust it to the point where he heel of your palm holds the throttle allowing you to have a very relaxed grip with your fingers. I tried this out on a 7 hour trip this summer - some mountains and some freeway - and found that it made the boring parts a lot more pleasant.

I had no trouble with it when riding more aggressively - it's easy to adjust out of the way while you're riding, but my throttle is quick enough that it's not in the way even with it fully closed. If you're worried that it will create an issue with throttle control then you may be doing it wrong. I recommend this if you spend long stretches going straight.

Verified Purchaser
Brea, CA, USA

The Crampbuster works as advertised. Very sturdy and comfortable. I would recommend this for anybody that does long rides.

Verified Purchaser
Las Vegas
Cruise Control for Wimps

I bought these as a gag gift for my son. He did not want it so I gave it a try on my bike. This simple piece of plastic made my ride from Las Vegas to Los Angeles so much more enjoyable. Now I am buying for all my bikes. Anthony - Las Vegas

Works, but...

This product does what it is supposed to do; however, this product should be used with caution. Make sure to rotate it out of the way when making right hand turns or while riding over bumpy terrain, i.e. ground that might cause the rider to jolt in the saddle. Otherwise it is possible, even likely that the right hand will come down on the throttle and on this device, causing it to twist the throttle and accelerate the bike, possibly out of control. This happened twice to me, once nearly causing a collision with another vehicle and again causing a wipeout and a trip to the doctor. Would recommend using for highway riding and not commuting or when conditions change frequently.

Great purchase

I had been told they work great and are comfortable and they are! It is easy to install and even on short trips makes your hand just feel better.

A MUST have

I love this thing. I no longer need to have a death grip on the throttle to maintain speed. This thing is easy to install, stays where you place it. It's unobtrusive, yet highly functional. Installed in 45 seconds, took 15 seconds to adjust. This thing is great.

las Vegas ,NV

great for those long rides.

Canton, OH
Great handling aid

Throttle control is an integral part of expert bike handling, especially when following the Ride Like A Pro instructional materials. This device improved my throttle performance by allowing it to be positioned more precisely and held in that position with less effort.
For the relatively small cost, you will gain much benefit.

Crampbuster Cruise Assist
Bloomingdale, IL
Great product

My daughter was always complaining about her wrist hurting while riding on her Suzuki Bandit. I purchased one for her and one for myself for my Dyna. She said that it really was a huge improvement and she could ride many more miles without her hands getting numb. I put it on my Dyna and with the combination of the Crampbuster and the throttle lock, it works great. I would definately recommend a set to everyone

College Park Georgia
Wrist saver.

easy install, was told they are worth the 10 bucks. im running 16inch apes, so lets save the hand....

Crampbuster Cruise Assist

eleven $ for 50cent piece of plastic but it worked

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2 Questions
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Location: Key Largo, Florida, USA
Q: Will this fit on a 2014 Can Am Spyder RTS SE 6?
22 days ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
20 days ago
A: The CB1 narrow paddle fits 1-3/8" or smaller diameter grips (7/8" bars). Should fit your 2014 Can Am Spyder RTS SE 6 no problem.
Location: United Kingdom
Q: Throttle size?
2 years ago
The throttle on my Guzzi is 1 3/4" (44mm) diameter which, i believe, requires the larger CB4 Crampbuster. Can you supply? Regards, David.
MotoSport Staff Expert Top 1 Contributor
2 years ago
A: The 1" wide Crampbuster will be the CB4 for use on 1" - 1-3/4" outside diameter grips.
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