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Fly 2016 Maverik Boots Fly 2016 Maverik Boots Austin - Yuma, AZ, USA FLY BOOTS SIZE 11 "Very comfortable and has an amazing look to it I love this product. I recently got my thor boots stolen and I was disappointed but as dumb as it sounds I was glad they were stolen because I got these amazing 2016 FLY MAVERIK boots. P.S- THE ONLY BAD THING THAT HAPPEN AND IF MOTOSPORT IF YOUR READING THIS MY CLIPS TO TIGHTEN THE BOOTS ONE WAS PUT ON THE WRONG WAY NO BIG DEAL THOUGH LOVE THEM :) AND SPONSER MEEEEE PLEASE :)"
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Fox Racing 2016 Instinct Boots Fox Racing 2016 Instinct Boots Vinvan - Williston Worlds ahead of other boots. "Amazing right out of the box. Very close fit, and light. Feel like you are riding in shoes, they fit so close. Have a few long rides in them and havent had much a problem with hurting my feet. A few wrecks in too and these boots feel good and sturdy, especially with the heel lock. Inspires a lot of confidence in them. The styling and the colors are phenomenal. I bought the Aqua, and red ones, (which arent available here) but they look great, and i can only imagine the other color combos look just as good. the only thing could be possibly taken away from this boot, is the bottoms get a little slick in the mud, but thats only a minor thing. Very highly recommend these boots."
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