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Kibblewhite Intake Valve Seals Kibblewhite Intake Valve Seals Notabiker - Nd Style 4 not 2 "After going through the kibblewhite catalog and cross referencing sizes, I found these work as a replacement valve stem seal for my 1999 Suzuki TL1000R. Oem ones don't have the choker spring, just the tension spring that holds the seal onto the valve guide, these being style 4 have choker springs that better seal the valve stems. This one specs at 5.5 × 11 × 8.6mm with 5.5 being the stem diameter. Anytime I have to replace valve stem seals I use the red viton kibblewhite ones even if I have to spend hours researching which ones will fit my old odd motorcycle!!"
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HOTCAMS Valve Shim Kit HOTCAMS Valve Shim Kit Tank - Louisiana Shim Kit is awesome "I only needed one form the kit but it was comforting know that if I needed more I had them. Thanks"
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