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Athena Big Bore Kit Athena Big Bore Kit TeeO - South Carolina, USA Perfect "This kit absolutely made my bike stomp all competition track and trail once paired with a ported racing cylinder head and the correct jets. This is money well spent. The last test the bike was clocked at 128mph on stock sprockets. Kudos to Athens and a list of other upgrades"
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Cylinder Works Big Bore Kit Cylinder Works Big Bore Kit Jake - Riverview, FL, USA I will buy again. Greak kit "At first I was skeptical buying this. But after reason all the positive reviews. I decided to buy this kit and a crank kit due to a engine seize I had with oem parts. I put the bike back together and it roared. Sounded meaner. After the break in period,it was hammer down with no issues at all at 15 hours in so far. Bike is running strong and great. I recommend this kit to every one who is looking for a big bore. Installation was a ease with no issue. Also have had zero over heating issues even when running in a Sugar sand feild with the Florida sun bearing down at 89 degrees out"
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